Devon Apicultural Research Group

a member organisation based in South West England 

Welcome To DARG

We are a member based organisation with a shared interest in bees.

Please read our History page to learn about those who started DARG.

Members have wide ranging interests within beekeeping and related fields often with many years experience in the research, science, management of bees, legislative and regulation of bees in England, Europe and beyond.

Monthly discussions centre around an informal bring your own picnic lunch with a main topic, where you are just as welcome to come and listen as you would be to contribute. 

Locations are chosen to be widely accessible to the largest number of members and currently Uplowman Village Hall is the most popular. 

Business debt recovery

Drone Congregation Areas

Richard Simpson and Peter Weller are working the numbers and making interesting discoveries around the theory of local mating and Drone Congregation Areas, based on observations in the South West of England


Based on Richard Ball's Weather Station in East Devon. 

When would the best week for queen mating likely occur?

Monitoring for Asian Hornet? Can weather patterns inform Asian Hornet watching?

Bee Hives

-  a definitive Guide?- Have DARG got it right?

One of the most popular and trusted books A Case Of Hives, about bee hive selection and use is back in print thanks to the stewardship  of Tricia Nelson

Scientific facts are what we do… to prove and guide the opinions of Beekeepers

Asian Hornets, Please look at this interesting area of research collected from across the web and the results of DARG members concern at the BYCATCH Issue with the collateral damage to Beneficials. New Traps under development some, allowing marking without catch and release in the UK context. Look at our Best Practice Notes.

Drone laying Queens, are they increasing ?.Is it our Climate? Is there some toxicity related issue? Do we yet know enough about Bees? A few of our photos are shown opposite

Thermo Regulation of Beehives, how does it work? does the temperature inform the beekeeper of a likely future event?

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Business accounting

Recently, a member brought their Asian Hornet Presentation

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- Kathy, from Hitchin

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