Please email  the Treasurer explaining you would like to join and he will send you details of how to pay your £10 annual fee. Alternatively join us at a meeting and start the conversation.

What other costs are there....?

None !


Can Science with Bees be fun...?

We think so and you are welcome to contribute or join us to discuss current thinking around the environment and bees Contact us


If you are at an intermediate or Advanced level with your beekeeping.......?

You will find our meetings interesting?Get in touch


Thinking about exploring a new area of study?

We would be interested to hear of your thoughts and plans Call now


What is Best Practice in the context of Beekeeping...?

Why not ask that pertinent question at our next meeting to gauge the consensus yourself. Speak to us

Membership-Collaboration and Peer Review

Please look at our substantial DARG Archive which is being transferred to this site

Please ask about any DARG publication that is out of print as it is likely a hard copy is on file with one of our members

Please ask about past DARG Annual Lunches and Speakers Notes

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