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Weather History

Millimetres Rainfall at Hawkerland Cross, Colaton Raleigh, East Devon. EX10 0HZ

Temperatures at Hawkerland Cross, Colaton Raleigh, East Devon   EX10 0HZ




These tables represent readings taken at approximately 9.00. a.m. each day. Temperature is recorded in the shade and are tabulated as weekly averages together with the maximum and minimum temperatures of any one day each week. During the winter period the lowest temperatures can occur during the day and warmest during the night; this particularly occurs when a tropical maritime weather pattern moves in from the south west to replace an arctic continental pattern. Rainfall is tabulated as the gross amount for each month.

The location is in East Devon 5 kilometres inland of the Jurassic Coast at an altitude of 90 meters so is comparatively mild for the region.